It’s easy to spy on people. But there are tried and true methods for making an attacker’s life harder. This list can help you make your digital life a little easier! And these steps are also a possible defense against tools like Minary.

Computers and stuff

If you see computers and smartphones simply as tools, you should probably entrust the security of your devices to someone else. Someone who knows and enjoys technology. The following hints will take a little technical know-how, but any teenager is surely happy to assist you in implementing them for a little fee.

  • Computers and smartphones need regular urdates for their operating systems as well as all installed applications.

  • A firewall and antivirus tool is absolutely required for all systems.

  • Use an ad blocker! These are usually free and make sure that advertisements are hidden and that ad networks can no longer track you. uBlock Origin (for Firefox, Chrome and Edge) is a good candidate.

  • Use encryption when opening a web page. HTTPS Everywhere can prevent opening a page without encryption when an encrypted version is available.

  • If possible, create two separate wireless LANs at home. One for private use, the other one for guests, friends, neighbors, etc. This guest WLAN should allow only minimal access to the Internet and should be separated from the rest of your network (smart TVs, NAS, printer…) by firewall.

  • Create separate accounts for guests (or every user in general) on your computers. Your own account should not be shared with anyone.

Personal Behavior

  • E-banking and similarly critical activities should be done from home. Your home WLAN is more trustworthy than public ones.

  • Never log into your email or bank account using a public computer or any system you don’t own. A stolen email account gives an attacker access to more of your details, and it can be abused to access other systems where you use that address.

  • Avoid dubious websites! They often contain dubious content and there is a higher risk of a virus infection. Professional gambling/betting/porn/etc. websites shouldn’t be a problem. But pages that offer e.g. cracked software should be treated with care.