Minary can be started in two ways:

  • Double-clicking the Minary.exe file
  • Double-clicking a template file

Double-clicking Minary.exe will allow you to hand-craft an attack from scratch. This allows for tests and experiments in your own network.

Double-clicking a template file (filename extension: .mry) will perform all required steps for a specific attack automatically. Templates are used to attack a particular system (e.g. Facebook logins).

Double-clicking Minary.exe

Double-click Minary.exe in the installation directory. Minary will open in a neutral state and can be configured for an attack. Before any attack, perform these three steps:

  • Activate the plugins you need for this particular attack
  • Scan the network for target computers to attack
  • Start your attack and watch the output in the plugin tabs

Minary in a neutral state

Double-clicking a template file

A template file automatically configures Minary for a particular attack. Minary then goes through the following steps:

  • It loads the required modules and unloads any unnecessary ones
  • It scans the LAN for potential target systems (if activated)
  • It selects and activates those target systems (if activated)
  • It starts the attack (if activated)

You can generate templates yourself or you can download them from the project page’s findings section. Download a template file and double-click it to start the attack automatically.

Minary started via template

Please make sure to have started Minary at least once before. Otherwise Windows doesn’t know what to do with the template file.